Poplar Springs

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Poplar Springs, just 50 miles from the nation’s capital, is spread over more than 170 acres of rolling rural countryside. It offers the perfect weekend refuge for quiet and indulgence, away from the urban rush. It is also an excellent day-spa destination. This is northern Virginia’s wine country, and it is studded with vineyards, horse farms, streams and nature areas.


We strongly suggest you utilize the easy driving directions below. If you choose to use a GPS or navigation system, please note that some may provide inaccurate directions.

Our street address is 9245 Rogues Road, Casanova VA 20187 but some GPS systems locate it as Midland, VA 22728

From points North:

From points South:

From points East and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area:

 From points West:


Our area is located within driving distance of three international airports. There are also two small local airports that serve private and corporate aircraft:

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